Norfolk Counselling and Learning Matrix



Hello and welcome

Welcome to our Website. We offer a range of services following wide experience of working with the community in the areas of Counselling/Psychotherapy and Training/ Learning Development. We offer services to both individuals and organisations .

We hope this site is simple to follow with the broad areas of work we do listed to the left. We have not listed all the programmes we have or could deliver: If you see an area of interest we can easily tailor programmes either to you individually or to your organisation. 
Under  "Well-being" are some simple  self help exercises around relaxation techniques. Feel free to browse, use and enjoy. Any feedback on how these may have helped you (or not) will be welcomed. Please use the email facility under contact.

How can just talking about a problem help to resolve it? Well, from working in the community for over 20 years   I have heard this statement many times, and many times after the initial therapy session I have heard "I feel so much better, just being able to tell someone my worries and concerns". This of course will be in a safe and confidential environment.

We may often be able to resolve our difficulties and deal with various challenges on our own, or with the support of family and friends. However, sometimes we may feel stuck in what seems an impossible situation, and it may be useful to talk to a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist. Counselling can, at times be a painful process and it is important that you feel safe and able to talk. 

Counselling and psychotherapy is not about telling people what to do. It is being on hand to listen empathically and non judgementally at a pace that is suitable to you. The result is to raise your self esteem, to help you believe in yourself and to empower you to find your own way forward. It can help you distinguish between situations you can change and those that, although they may remain difficult to live with, you can develop coping strategies to make the situation bearable.


As a counsellor/Psychotherapist, I am a registered member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and adhere to their code of ethics. The therapeutic approaches vary according to the client needs. Being trained in the humanistic and Cognitive behavioural schools, allows a more solution focussed therapy as well as an approach where you as the individual is at the centre. Not everyone will fit into one type of  method as we are human and therefore different.

Anxiety and stress management techniques are also part of the services offered and you will learn a number of techniques to aid relaxation and reduce anxiety.


 The first assessment session is very informal and there is no charge.  We basically have a chat about some of the issues that you feel you would like to address and also it allows you to get to know me and to see if counselling/psychotherapy is right for you.